Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Saturday Morning Adventures – Halloween Special 2023 (IDW Publishing)

Histoire : Erik Burnham.
Scénariste : Erik Burnham.
Illustrateurs : Dan Schoening.
Coloriste : Sarah Myer.
Lettreur : ?
Assistant d’édition : Nicolas Niño.
Éditeur : Charles Beacham.

IDW Publishing (US)

Pages : 36.
Prix : $ 4,99.

Tirage physique américain : Chiffres à venir.

Jack Lawrence
Dan Schoening
Vernon Smith

Première édition
11 octobre 2023 (VO)
– (VF)

Réimpression américaine


As Halloween approaches, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles must face their fears when a powerful and mysterious being challenges them to prove their mettle in a nightmarish test of bravery. Meanwhile, Shredder has an otherworldly encounter of his own when he summons an ancient spirit to gain a greater understanding of the powerful weapon he seeks to reforge… only to discover that some forces are beyond even his control. Don’t miss this double-sized, spooky special of Saturday Morning Adventures!


  • Cover A – Jack Lawrence.
  • Cover B – Dan Schoening.
  • Cover C – Vernon Smith.
  • Cover D – Artiste à venir.
  • Cover RI A – Elizabeth Beals. 10 copy Retailer Incentive cover.
  • Cover RI B – Elizabeth Beals. 25 copy Retailer Incentive cover.