TMNT : The last ronin – The lost years #5 (IDW Publishing)

Histoire : Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz.
Scénaristes : Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz.
Layouts : Kevin Eastman.
Illustrateur : Ben Bishop.
Coloriste : Luis Antonio Delgado.
Assistant coloriste : Samuel Plata.
Lettreur : Shawn Lee.
: Bobby Curnow.

IDW Publishing (US)
HiComics (France)

Pages : 36.
Prix : $ 4,99.

Tirage physique américain : Chiffres à venir.

S. L. Gallant
Kevin Eastman et Ben Bishop
Frank Cho

Première édition
2 août 2023 (VO)
– (VF)

Réimpression américaine
TMNT : The lost years – Hardcover


In the past: A wake of death and destruction stretches behind Michelangelo, trailing across years and continents, but at long last, fate has brought him face-to-face with the one who stands between him and vengeance: the one called DEATH WORM.
Meanwhile, in the present (a.k.a. our future!): Chaos has taken hold of New York City, forcing Casey Marie Jo

nes and her young Turtle pupils to make a choice: stand and fight or watch the world burn…Writers Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz, alongside artists Ben Bishop (TMNT: The Last Ronin) and SL Gallant (G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero), conclude this tantalizing tale of the beginnings of the Last Ronin. But this is just the beginning of an all-new adventure. Don’t miss it!


  • Cover A – S. L. Gallant.
  • Cover BKevin Eastman et Ben Bishop.
  • Cover C – Rahzzah.
  • Cover RI A – Frank Cho. 25 copy incentive cover.
  • Cover RI B – Frank Cho. 50 copy incentive cover.
  • Cover RI C – Frank Cho. 100 copy incentive cover.
  • Cover RE IDW Online Exclusive – Ben Bishop. Pour le site de l’éditeur IDW Publishing.

Couverture complète de Kevin Eastman (cover B)

A venir…