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Histoire : Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz et Sophie Campbell.
Scénariste : Sophie Campbell.
Illustrateur : Gavin Smith.
Coloriste : Ronda Pattison.
Lettreur : Shawn Lee.
Assistants d’édition : Vanessa Real et Nicolas Niño.
Éditeur : Charles Beacham

IDW Publishing (US)

Pages : 32 pages.
Prix : 3,99$.

Tirage physique américain : Chiffres à venir.

Gavin Smith
J. Gonzo
Kevin Eastman

Première édition
9 août 2023 (VO)
– (VF)

Réimpression américaine
TPB TMNT Reborn, Vol. 8 – Damage done


Sophie Campbell’s epic TMNT story « Damage Done » continues here!

Alopex and the TMNT have been on the outs, but when someone close to Alopex is kidnapped by Dr. Barlow and Leatherhead, she has to accept whatever help she can get…even from her ex-boyfriend, Raphael! And back in his lab, Donatello makes a breakthrough in his mystical research of time travel and the mysterious Armaggon. What kind of answers wait in the notes of Donatello’s far-future self ?



  • Cover A – Gavin Smith.
  • Cover BKevin Eastman et Sophie Campbell.
  • Cover RI A – J. Gonzo. 10 copy Retailer Incentive cover.
  • Cover RI B – J. Gonzo. 25 copy Retailer Incentive cover.
  • Cover RI C Kevin Eastman. 50 copy Retailer Incentive cover.