TMNT #139 (IDW Publishing)

Histoire : Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz et Sophie Campbell.
Scénariste : Sophie Campbell.
Illustrateur : Fero Peniche.
Coloriste : Ronda Pattison.
Lettreur : Shawn Lee.
Assistants d’édition : Vanessa Real et Nicolas Niño.
Éditeur : Charles Beacham

IDW Publishing (US)

Pages : 32 pages.
Prix : 4,99$.

Tirage physique américain : Chiffres à venir.

Fero Peniche
Kevin Eastman
Mike Del Mundo

Première édition
19 avril 2023 (VO)
– (VF)

Réimpression américaine


ENTER THE ENDGAME! Ch’rell’s forces descend upon a Mutant Town already ravaged by nonstop riots in the wake of the Imposter Turtles’ attacks. Now, skirting Donatello’s best defenses, the Utroms are closing in on Seri, the hunted Triceraton Regenta. Meanwhile, the Rat King’s quest for chaos has culminated at the reunited Turtles’ doorstep, and they have no choice but to take the fight to him! Can Donnie rally Mikey, Leo, and Raph and their allies to quell the Utrom invasion? The Armageddon Game enters its end stage!


  • Cover A – Fero Peniche.
  • Cover B – Kevin Eastman.
  • Cover RI – Mike Del Mundo. 10 copy Retailer Incentive cover.