TMNT : The Armageddon Game – Opening moves (IDW Publishing)

Jennika - The cure for you

(25 novembre 2020VO)

Jennika II

(8 septembre 2021VO)

The Armageddon Game

(15 novembre 2023VO)

Histoire : Kevin Eastman et Tom Waltz.
Scénaristes : Tom Waltz et Bobby Curnow.
Illustrateurs : Divers
Coloristes : Divers
Lettreur : Shawn Lee.
Éditeur : Bobby Curnow.

IDW Publishing (US)

Pages : 160.
Prix : $16,99.

Tirage physique américain : 6 384 exemplaires.

Adam Gorham

Première édition
15 février 2023 (VO)
– (VF)

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« Untangle the maze of secrets and treachery on the road to The Armageddon Game! One of the Turtles’ most enigmatic foes, the Rat King, is finally bringing his long-simmering plan to fruition, after years of quiet preparations.

Soon, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael—under the leadership of the Shredder—will embark on a dangerous quest to find allies against Rat King’s trio of terror: LeatherKrang, Baxter Stockman, and Madame Null. But, before the game can truly begin, discover the histories of the Rat King, Kitsune, and the rest of the Pantheon, witness their previous encounters with the TMNT, and understand their connection to the recently resurrected Shredder.« 

Le TMNT : The Armageddon Game – Opening moves est un recueil reprenant l’ensemble des publications du The Armageddon Game – Pre game, sorti en 2022, rajoutant les deux chapitres d’Opening moves qui ont vus le jour par la suite.


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  • Regular cover – Fero Peniche.

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