Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Saturday Morning Adventures – IDW Endless summer (IDW Publishing)

Histoire : Erik Burnham.
Scénariste : Dave Baker.
Illustrateur : Tango.
Coloriste : Sarah Myer.
Lettreur : Nathan Widick.
Assistant d’édition : Nicolas Niño.
Éditeur : Charles Beacham.

IDW Publishing (US)

Pages : 36.
Prix : $ 4,99.

Tirage physique américain : Chiffres à venir.

Jack Lawrence
Roxy Floress

Première édition
30 août 2023 (VO)
– (VF)

Réimpression américaine


Do you ever wish summer could last forever? Well, at IDW, it can! We’re bringing you an endless summer with everyone’s favorite characters in four unique one-shots! Having just defeated another foe, the TMNT notice that Michelangelo seems down about something. After confessing he feels cooped inside while everyone else enjoys the NYC summer, his brothers come up with an idea: visit their favorite theme park at Concrete Island for a day of fun and roller coasters! The park is even having a themed costume day so the Turtles can go incognito. But when Leonardo notices something suspicious about the park staffers things take a turn for the worse… Can the Turtles save their end of summer bash or will the baddies kill good vibes?


  • Cover A – Tango.
  • Cover B – Jack Lawrence.
  • Cover RI A – Jack Lawrence. 10 copy Retailer Incentive cover.
  • Cover RI B – Roxy Flores. 25 copy Retailer Incentive cover.

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