Figurines 1994

Figurines de base

Krang’s android body
Robotic Foot soldier

Cave Turtles 3

Cave Woman April with Radical Raptor

Cave Beast Bebop with Bodacious Brontosaurus

Universal Monsters Studio 2

Creature from the Black Lagoon Leonardo
The Mutant Raphael
Invisible Man Michaelangelo
Bride of Frankenstein April

Shogun ninja

Shogun Leo
Shogun Raph
Shogun Mike
Shogun Don
Shogun April
Shogun Splinter
Shogun Shredder
Shogun Shoate
Shogun Triceraton

Star Trek

Captain Leo
Chief medical officer Raph
Chief engineer Mike
First officer Don

25th anniversary Apollo 11 Turtles

Lunar Leonardo
Retro rocket Raphael
Moon landin’ Michaelangelo
Touchdown Donatello

Undercover Turtles

Undercover Leonardo
Undercover Raphael
Undercover Michaelangelo
Undercover Donatello

Warriors of the forgotten Sewer

Savage Leo
Dwarf Don
Warrior Bebop
Gatekeeper Rocksteady

Cyber Samurai Figures

Cyber Samurai Leo
Cyber Samurai Raph
Cyber Samurai Mike
Cyber Samurai Don
Cyber Samurai Shredder
Cyber Samurai Bebop

Kung-Fu Tournament Fighters

Kung-fu Raphael
Kung-fu Michaelangelo
Kung-fu Donatello
Kung-fu Rocksteady

Kowabunga krackin’ egg Turtles

Breakin’ Loose Leonardo
Shell Splittin’ Raphael
Hero Hatchin’ Michaelangelo
Eggsplodin’ Donatello

Mighty Mutation

Construction Mutation Leo
Construction Mutation Mike
Construction Mutation Don
Airforce Mutation Raph
Airforce Mutation Don


Storage Shell Turtles (black belt)

Storage Shell Leo
Storage Shell Raph
Storage Shell Mike
Storage Shell Don

Giant Troll Turtles

Giant Troll Leo
Giant Troll Raph
Giant Troll Mike
Giant Troll Don


Véhicules avec figurines

Farmer Turtles 2

Farmer Donatello and his modern mutant tractor

Sewer Surfin’ Ninja Tubes

Surfer Leo with Mondo Mutant Surfer Tube
Scuba Divin’ Raph with Psych Out Spin Out Scuba Tube

Bodacious Biker Turtles

Cruisin’ Leo with Classic Sewer Cycle Road Racin’ Mike with Kowabunga Bike

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